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About Us

My Story

Janaki Mayhill grew up in a home where yoga was in her everyday life as a child. From the time, she could walk , she was chanting, meditating and exploring her body & mind.
In 2008, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training and she has been advancing her studies faithfully since then, with a focus on Therapeutic yoga. She loves the practical application of Yoga Therapy and she finds that customizing her classes to the individual’s personal requirement and level of growth facilitates a deeper healing of awakening.
For Janaki, yoga is a more than a physical and mindful practice; yoga is a deep connection to our feelings and a oneness with ourselves and all creation, a whole new level of awareness. She believes that when we reintegrate with our heart energy, we are receptive to our deepest feelings. She calls her classes Transformational Heartful Yoga because she believes that our connection to our heart and our feelings allows for real transformation to occur when we stay in our space of love.

About Bhakti Light

Bhakti Light is a multitude of many different arrays from transformational Heartful Yoga to Bhakti Light Chakra Creations. That started as a gift for my yoga students. I call it my gift that keeps on giving.
Bhakti is a Sanskrit word- “refers to the common religious devotion that is held in the heart of a devoted person of any spiritual faith/path. Bhakti also refers to the, “perfect state of consciousness exclusive and continuous love of God, the natural condition of the soul; eternal and enlightened bliss.”
So to put it simple…Bhakti means devotional love for God, whatever form you choose. For me my God is in me my God is my heart because when we connect to our hearts and stay in our love we connect to our feeling world, our true authentic self. Through love is how we truly transform and expand our container.
So that is how my name for my business came through me because I am my devotional love. Now Light…well we all know the definition of light. Light illuminates the darkness we are all here to shine as bright as the sun and ignite our world with our inner light. Be your change you seek in your world because, our outer is a reflection of who we are on the inside. So there you have it…on how my name became to be:)!